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Financially Preparing You For Retirement

Because putting our clients best interest first is at the central focus of everything we do at Weinand Financial


Mike and Joyce Weinand discovered that being in the financial planning business has as much to do with understanding peoples' hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations as it does money.


You have to understand human nature as much as you do tax law. You have to communicate better than a politician making a stump-speech. You need the patience of a forest while you work with your clients.

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Mike & Joyce Weinand
Retired man enjoying a view of the mountains


You'll need to be steadfast through financial turbulence, though most of it will be not of your making and certainly beyond your control. You'll need to engage peoples' hearts so they will stay the course, and engage their heads to ensure their respect of your ability. I like people. I love helping others. I like to earn the respect of my clients and peers.

I love the challenge of turning a service relationship into a business model that survives over generations of advisers and clients. I thrive on taking intangible concepts and weaving these into a coherent strategy that is pursued over time. I savor sitting down with clients, pausing to review their achievements over the years and congratulating them on what they have done.


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Weinand Financial, Inc. 

8120 Freedom Lane NE,

Ste #101, Lacey, WA 98516

Tel: 360-459-4847

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30a-5:00p,

Closed Saturday and Sunday

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