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Devoted to Honesty and Integrity


Keys to a Successful Relationship: Our Responsibilities
You can be confident that we will consistently and responsibly perform all requested services and that we will be available when you need us.

As your advisor, we will: Only accept client relationships where an “alignment of purpose” can be achieved – in particular where we believe value will be added by our efforts.

  • Always treat you with respect, honesty and dignity.

  • Strive to acquire a complete and accurate understanding of your Financial Lifestyle and Wealth  Management goals, along with the true purpose of your money.

  • Follow a comprehensive consulting process designed to give you confidence in the implementation of the long-term plan and investment strategy we design for your needs.

  • Update you by email, mail and phone.

  • Meet with you regularly to insure our efforts and your goals remain properly aligned.


Keys to a Successful Relationship: Your Responsibilities
Experience has shown us that a healthy and productive advisory relationship has two equal sides.   As a result, we expect our clients to be an equal partner in the collective efforts for their success.

  • As our client, therefore, we anticipate: Your trust, respect, and honesty.

  • Your full and enthusiastic participation in all planning processes. Full disclosure of all pertinent information impacting our work on your behalf.

  • Once approved, we hope you implement the plan and strategy designed for you. Your commitment to a long-term relationship will help the strategy developed for pursuing your success.

  • Finally, since the growth of our business is achieved through qualified personal recommendations, we hope you will give us an honest opinion of our services and introduce our services to others.


Keys to a Successful Relationship: Our Mutual Responsibilities
Collaboration is also fundamental to an effective advisory relationship.  To this end, we both need to make your financial strategies a priority. We, therefore, agree to be honest with each other and to work together with mutual trust, respect and understanding – and – to keep each other informed of new developments that might affect our work together. We also agree to take time regularly to review your personal situation and to evaluate the critical financial events in your life as, and when they occur. 


Weinand Financial's Code Of Conduct by Mike Weinand

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